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My handwriting … Scary, I know!

My handwriting … Scary, I know!


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At 3D Hubs we want to revolutionize the world of manufacturing, that’s big thinking and thinking big requires resources. Therefore we are happy to announce that we have received funding from several investors who support our vision. We will use these new funds to scale globally,

Start a HUB now, and let’s change the way the world produces.

A quarter of the American population is now engaged in “guard labor”—defending property, supervising work, or otherwise keeping their fellow Americans in line.

Here’s my Syrian prediction (which i sincerely hope is wrong).

I think that the US Congress is going to slap Obama much like Brittain’s PM Cameron got slapped by his people. In the mean time, private corporate funders are going to pay people to pay people to pay people to go and blow the shit out of Syria, at which point Obama (as the corporate/banking puppet) is going to say “It has now become clear that steps should have been taken to intervene. These atrocities could have been avoided, but internet misdirection turned the people of responsible governments against their governments. This makes the internet a threat, not only to the American people, but to millions of people living without the freedom of democracy. Such as the people of Iran who (list of bullshit propaganda about Iranian tyranny). For these reasons, steps are now being taken to shut down those sources of disinformation who’s actions led to the needless slaughter of (death toll of false flag operation). I have also decided that if America can not be called upon to help out those in need when they need it, then it is the responsibility of each nation to contribute to the stability of the global economy and as such we have begun talks about establishing a global peace-keeping force who will not be limited by the biases of any one nation.”
The ‘hunt’ which is simply a process of systematically releasing names on a NSA list of flagged anti-american IP addresses, and then (il)legally seizing the assets of everyone officially attached to those addresses and if the global ‘peace-keeping force’ is established, prosecution and induction into the -now global- prison/industrial complex. And this will be the last step where ‘evidence’ will be ‘found’ justifying an invasion of Iran.

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This Week’s Co-Operation Edition

Then came our Quantum theory, which totally transformed our image of matter. The old assumption that the microscopic world of atoms was simply a scaled-down version of the everyday world had to be abandoned. Newton’s deterministic machine was replaced by a shadowy and paradoxical conjunction of waves and particles, governed by the laws of chance, rather than the rigid rules of causality. An extension of the quantum theory goes beyond even this; it paints a picture in which solid matter dissolves away, to be replaced by weird excitations and vibrations of invisible field energy. Quantum physics undermines materialism because it reveals that matter has far less ‘substance’ than we might believe. But another development goes even further by demolishing Newton’s image of matter as inert lumps. This development is the theory of chaos, which has recently gained widespread attention.
Paul Davies and John Gribbin, (The Matter Myth)
People are not lacking for a desire to change, they are lacking for means. If we provide systems that encourage community oriented resource usage, then we serve the double purpose of creating community bonds, and reducing costs. If we combine a number of these systems into a single flexible framework, then any community can begin the conversion process, replacing what cannot be adapted as the means to do so becomes available. The problem, of course, is that this option is not being considered by centralized governments, because it does not further their power-base to do so.
Truth is a philosophical concept, and one that is more apt for use within the theological sub-sects of philosophy than in the physical science sub-sects.
where have all our dreams gone?
like forest petrified, their pine cones calcified
the dreams have crystallized and we’re now inside
a nightmare of lies as wide as the planet that’s dying

I just want to wake up, even if i don’t get my dream
I just want to rip this nightmare apart at the seams

But it’s not my nightmare alone, we’re all in it together
I cant sever the tethers slaving those indebted forever

I just want to wake up, even if nobody gets their dreams
I just want to break this system that pays you to not hear the screams